Welcome to my new site on growing tomatoes (Timmatoes!). There will be a full site here devoted just to growing tomatoes. I will be covering the basics and throw in a few ideas you may not have heard of. I'm planning to blog on the weekly progress of my tomato plants.

This is my first juicy red ripe tomatoe of the year. Ask the possum how it was!

Here is a nice ripe tomato from my garden I should have picked 2 days earlier! Watch out for the scarey looking green tomato shark in the bottom right hand corner!

I have most the tomato planting and care sections up. Pages for the links at the top have some content, and the blog installed.

Coming Soon: Tomato Photos and Illustrations, the Maintenance Section, and Proof Reading! Luckily I'm married to an editor.


Tomatoes are very easy to grow. However there are a few things you can do to get more tomatoes, help protect them against pests and increase production. Find out here!