Buying Tomato Sprouts

Don't buy them until you're ready to plant.

Tomato Varieties

Local stores usually provide the best varieties suited for your area, so you can buy them with confidence. If you are planting fewer than 6 plants, buy 6 different varieties, or just a couple of your favorites. It's nice to have the varieties, and sometimes, some will do better than others. Plant the sprouts in more than one round. Buy some at the beginning of the season, the put some more in a month later if you can.

When Selecting your Tomato Plants

Never purchase plants that already have a flower on them. They will put out the first tomato too soon, and not have a long leaf-growth period.

    Other Things to Consider

  • Who will be eating your tomatoes? What kinds do they like?
  • Will you be cooking with your tomatoes? Consider Romas.
  • Privately owned nurseries may have unusual varieties that the big chain stores don’t carry.
  • Avoid sprouts that already have a blossom.