Care for the first few Weeks

You are their guardian!


Snails love baby tomato plants more than anything else in the world. The more work you put into the sprouts, the more tasty they will be. You must protect your sprouts agains snails! This depends where you live of course. I'm most familiar with southern california. Hopefully someone will tell me what bugs are elsewhere. I'm happy to add the information. To fight the snails, I like the new iron-phosphate based bait. It's apparently good for the soil, and won't hurt animals that eat the snails that have eaten the stuff. And it doesn't look like pet food. I sprinkle it generously around the sprouts. With automatic sprinklers be sure to rinse and repeat when you can't see them anymore.


Keep extra attention to the plants the first few weeks to make sure they get enough water. Give them a light dose of fish emulsion between the 1st and second week. Give each plant about a soda can worth from the watering can. Water first then go back and do this fertilizing step. It will sink further. Don't water too late or the snails will have a nice moist path.


As mentioned in watering it's best to use the fish emulsion, but if all you have is the grain type, wait the full two weeks, then add it. If you accidently add to much, the plants will have an easier time if their roots are set in.


  • Protect the sprouts from predators
  • Water
  • Just a little fertilizer boost