You only need to prune a little bit. Once the plant is over a foot tall, you want to keep any leafs from touching the ground. Then when the plant gets bigger, trim away all the leaves from the bottom 6 inches of the plant. This allows you to get the water and fertilizer in closer, makes it harder for bugs to hide as they're climbing up, and allows air to flow around the base to keep fungus from forming.

Dead Leaves

Remove all dead leaves from the plant. If it's a good solid plant you can give them a little snap up, and they should come off. If you have to pull up so hard the stem breaks off or the plant comes out of the ground, don't pull so hard. Use pruning shears. Again, this helps the plant fend off fungus, and reduces hiding places for bugs. It looks nicer too.


Don't allow too many branches to come up from the bottom of the plant. There should be 3 or 4 main branches at the bottom. Prune away the rest of the side shoots. You'll have plenty of branches further up. Try to keep the middle area of the plant from getting too dense. This allows those big green catapillars time to grow a bit before they start making noticable damage, and it can make some of the fruit hard to get to.