Staking and Tying

This helps keep the tomatos off the ground and the support to the plant seems to allow it to grow bigger and branch out more.


If you have the large sized tomatoes, you must have the 1/2 inch stakes 4 to 6 ft tall. Anything smaller will fall over. A good sized plant will require 3 of these stakes. Start with 1 and add them as necessary. You should have a favorite rock with a flat side that is perfect for pounding in the stakes. Pound them in steadily so as not to bend the stake an break it.


There are 2 main kinds of tape available. The wider green kind, and the thinner type that is like the tie wrap on bread. I use the tie wrap to to tie the stakes to the cages and thats about it. The thinner type tends to cut into the stem, soonly use it if you have to. If the tomato gets heavy it's more likely to bend sharply around the thinner type. Use the wider type and take enough so you can make a granny knot with the ends after you wrap it around the stake and stem. Don't wrap it tightly. I usually put it just under a leave or split in the stem. Tying up the tomatoes properly is one of the most important tricks to getting them extra tasty, besides they might otherwise be resting on the ground.