When you look at the numbers on the fertilizer packageing you will see numbers like this: 3-2-2, or 10-15-10. These tell you how much the different items are for. I just like to think of it as the first number is for the beginning stage of the plants life, the 2nd for the middle, or blossoming stage, and the last number is for the general health and final part. 30-1-1 is for greening up your lawn really fast. Grass is nothing more than leaves, so a high first number is effective.

Use fish emulsion for the first month and a half at least or until you see several sets of yellow blossoms. Fish emulsion is high in nitrogen and good for the growth stage of the plant where it's forming all it's stems and leaves. It's numbers are usually 3-2-2 or close to that. Don't use it too long, and if you put a lot of manure in the dirt before planting, go a litte easier on the fish emulsion or other high-first number fertilizer. This will result in too much plant growth and too little fruit growth.


Once you have several sets of flowers, you can switch over to a fertilizer with a higher middle number. There are organic fertilizers you should opt for first, but Miracle Grow is an example of a higher middle number that you can use during the flowering and fruiting stage. If possible lean toward an organic liquid fertilizer, and for somethings I think Miracle Grow is pretty cool. So get these and follow directions. Use it about every 3 weeks.

Foilant Feeding

This is a good time to foilant feed the plants. You can use a spray bottle, or a pump spayer and get the rest of your yard while your at it. There used to be a product at Gardens Alive called "Harvest Alive" I loved. But I didn't see it last time looked. Preferably any of the liquid fertilizers that say they enhance the blossoming stage are good. When you mix it, it should be light brown. If you have to, you can use Miracle Grow. Then spray down your plant leaves, getting the undersides of the leaves too. You will usually notice the growth after the first week. I've been shocked, Shocked, but sometimes they just grow right along as they were. The plants can absorb nutrients through the leaves and it's sort of a shortcut to get the nutrients over to the tomatoes for extra juicy tasty flavorful goodness. So I'm told.


  • Spray Bottle or Pump Sprayer
  • Water
  • Liquid Fertilizer for blossoming