It's best if you have them on an automatic watering system. Twice a day. Some say to water after dark to avoid evaporation. If you have snails around, water while there will be time for it to dry up before dark. The snails don't like to run around when it's dry and it's not good for their population.


It's important to water consistently. This helps avoid the tomatoes cracking. If they get to dry, don't over water right away. Water lightly then a few hours later water lightly again, and get them on their regular schedule again. If they go too long without water, the blossoms will drop off.

There's really no replacement for a watering system. There are hose end types that are battery powered. Put a splitter on your spigot and put on the timer. You've put all this other time into the plants, it's easy for something to come up and miss a few waterings.


  • Automatic watering system.